Benefits and Features of ALAS AAC Blocks

ALAS AAC BLOCKS offer several significant advantages over other cement construction materials, one of the most important being its lower environmental impact. Improved thermal efficiency reduces the heating and cooling load in buildings Porous structure allows for superior fire resistance Workability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid ... ... ...Read More

AAC Blocks – A Perfect Choice for Construction

ALAS AAC BLOCK is an unusual building material with properties that should make it a hit in residential construction — it’s a much better thermal insulator than ordinary concrete, while lightweight, easy to work with and resistant to fire, insects and mould. The only problem is that Indian builders can’t ... ... ...Read More

ALASAACBLOCK.COM – New Website Launch

ALAS AAC BLOCK MFG. CO. is the manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks. With years of experience in web design & development, Axial Worldwide Corporation built the ALAS AAC BLOCK website on the WordPress platform. ALAS AAC BLOCK wanted a website that was organized, clean and gave visitors a ... ... ...Read More